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Epic Flooring manufactures polyurethane adhesives for satisfied flooring suppliers across Wisconsin. We provide bulk ordering and white labeling services to help bring the price down and promote your flooring company simultaneously. Both of our newest adhesives are designed for bonding wood to a variety of sub-floors like solid plank, bamboo, and engineered hardwood. If you're looking for a different adhesive, Epic Resins also offers custom-formulated adhesives designed to your unique applications and needs. 

Epic E-600: Vapor & Sound Reduction

4gallon bucket of Epic Resins Epic E-600 Adhesive All in One Formula

Benefits of Epic E-600

  • Low perm poly BD chemistry
  • Moisture vapor transmission retardation
  • Flexibility to accommodate wood expansion

Epic E-600 Specs

Tradesman-Pro: A Solvent-Free Adhesive

Epic Resins Tradesman-Pro Solvent Free Polyurethane Wood FLooring Adhesive

Benefits of Tradesman-Pro

  • Low odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent Green grab



Our Epic E-600 Adhesive is an all-in-one adehsive and moisture with Poly BD chemistry. It's for use over concrete with up to 90% RH or MVER of 20 lbs/1000 ft. There's no VOC and this adhesive is easy to spread. E-600 is typically utilized in new buildings where flooring is going in for the first time, or when original flooring is being torn out and replaced with new hardwood.


Our Tradesman-Pro adhesive is a single component adhesive (solvent-free) designed to spread easily. It's low-odor, non-flammable, and has low VOC levels that exceed the (SCAQMD) requirements. Tradesman-Pro is especially strong, flexible, and elastomeric.

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Epic Flooring has proudly manufactured adhesives for flooring suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors all across Wisconsin for years. The quality of our adhesives and our support for those who use them are what keep us in business. That's why flooring suppliers trust us to provide excellent products through superb customer support.