Tradesman-Pro Flooring Adhesives Limitations

  • Periodically check coverage of the adhesive during the installation. 100% coverage of the substrate is required for protection from subfloor moisture. Both solid and bamboo wood flooring require a 95-100% adhesive transfer between the substrate and flooring. Engineered flooring requires a minimum 80% adhesive transfer between the substrate and the flooring.
  • Installation of unstable floorings such as bamboo or solid flooring is not recommended for below-grade applications.
  • On or below grade construction must have a functioning vapor barrier (6 mil poly or better) beneath the slab.
  • Do not install dimensionally unstable wood such as solid or bamboo over existing sheet vinyl or VCT.
  • Do not install flooring over perimeter bonded sheet vinyl.
  • Slab temperature should be between 50°F-95°F during installation.
  • Turn radiant heating or floor warming off during and for 72 hours after installation.
  • Do not use on wet, dusty, contaminated, reflective or friable substrates. Do not use on sub-floors treated with sealers or curing compounds. Do not use on concrete slabs subject to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Completely remove adhesive residue, sealers and contaminates by diamond grinding, shot blasting or scarifying.
  • Use over gypsum concrete should be limited to substrates in that are in solid condition. Do not glue down flooring over gypsum concrete that is powdery and cracked.
  • Gypsum concrete should have a minimum mix design of 2000 psi for engineered flooring and 2500 psi for solid or bamboo wood flooring.
  • Do not use to install foam backed parquet.
  • Refer to the flooring manufacturer’s recommendations and NWFA guidelines for acclimation and required expansion space as these requirements vary substantially.

IMPORTANT: Epic is designed and intended to reduce moisture vapor emissions originating from concrete subfloors. There are numerous potential sources of moisture that may damage wood flooring. Epic does not affect moisture from sides, ends or top of the flooring or humid conditions within a structure.