Tradesman-Pro Flooring Adhesive Installation

E-600 Floor Adhesive InstallationJob-site conditions effect the handling and curing of this adhesive. Cold conditions make adhesives more difficult to spread. High relative humidity accelerates cure/hardening. Dry conditions slow cure/hardening.

Installation begins with a starter row secured to the subfloor. The starter row provides a stationary point to push against so the flooring doesn’t move during the installation process. Once the starter row is complete, apply the adhesive to the substrate using the appropriate notched trowel. Refer to the trowel coverage chart on the back page of the Product Data sheet.

Install the flooring immediately into the adhesive. Avoid getting adhesive on pre-finished wood flooring. Immediately remove any adhesive from the surface of the flooring using a towel or rag dampened with mineral spirits paint thinner. Take care to remove all adhesive from the surface prior to curing/hardening. Cured adhesive is difficult to remove from pre-finished flooring.

After a few rows have been installed, tape the boards together using 3M #2080 Blue tape. The tape will prevent the flooring from and sliding. Flooring that is not flat should be weighted to ensure proper adhesive transfer between the flooring and the sub-floor.

To remove cured adhesive from prefinished flooring, use Sentinel 747 adhesive remover. Apply the adhesive remover to the affected area with a non-abrasive towel and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes to soften the adhesive. Then buff the adhesive off with the non-abrasive towel. Be sure to clean any remaining adhesive remover from the floor.

Glue-Down Installation of Plywood Subfloor

Use 19/32” (5/8”) or better plywood subfloor panels cut into 2’ X 8’ or 4’X4’ sections. Score the backside of the panels every 12” in both directions. Apply Epic E-600 to the subfloor using a 1/4” X 1/4” square or V notch trowel and lay the sections of subfloor into the adhesive in a staggered joint pattern with 1/8” space between the panels and ¾” space around the perimeter and vertical obstructions.