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At Epic Flooring, we offer white labeling opportunities to all professional contractors and floor installation companies. Our success depends on your business and your profitability. That's why we'd love for you to use our products to promote yourself. Having your logo on your supplies helps improve your company's image and provides an added boost of marketing exposure. It contributes to a more established company image and brand recognition that helps us as much as it helps you.

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We Want to Support Your Flooring Company

We depend on you the way you depend on your customers. That's why we stand behind the flooring companies and contractors who choose to support us. We've seen white labeling work in the past and would love to see it work for you too. Contact us today for more info!

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Polyurethane Wood Flooring Adhesives

Epic Flooring has created two new wood flooring polyurethane adhesives for suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors: The Tradesman-Pro and Epic E-600. Both adhesives are designed for bonding wood to a variety of sub-floors, including solid plank, bamboo, & engineered. We offer bulk ordering to help save you money and keep you fully stocked. Don't forget to put your logo on your adhesives supply and build your brand recognition. 


Looking for More Urethane and Polyurethane Adhesives? Take a look at Custom-Formulated Adhesives by Epic Resins.

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Epic E-600: Vapor & Sound Reduction

Epic E-600 polyurethane adhesive reduces moisture transmission between concrete and hardwood flooring. It’s designed for bonding concrete to wood flooring, and stays flexible to contract.

Benefits of Epic E-600

  • Low perm poly BD chemistry
  • Moisture vapor transmission retardation
  • Flexibility to accommodate wood expansion

Epic E-600 Specs

Tradesman-Pro: A Solvent-Free Adhesive

Tradesman-Pro is a single component adhesive designed to spread easily. The adhesive has low VOC levels, exceeding the (SCAQMD) requirements. This adhesive is strong, flexible, & elastomeric.

Benefits of Tradesman-Pro

  • Low odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent Green grab


Learn more about flooring adhesive solutions from our Palmyra, WI company. Contact Epic Adhesives today for White Labeling services.