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Ordering adhesive in bulk is the best move for flooring contractors and professionals. Staying stocked up keeps you ready, saves you money, and improves your profit margin. Our adhesives are designed to ensure professional quality across all sorts of unique jobs and conditions. It's our goal to keep your customers satisfied, and with bulk ordering, we can help save you money in the process. Call or contact Epic Flooring today for details!

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Storage & Shelf Life

Buying in bulk may require more extensive storage of your adhesives. Visit our storage page for more information on how to safely and properly store your adhesive inventory. 

Polyurethane Wood Flooring Adhesives

Epic Flooring has created two new wood flooring polyurethane adhesives for suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors: The Tradesman-Pro and Epic E-600. Both adhesives are designed for bonding wood to a variety of sub-floors, including solid plank, bamboo, & engineered.


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Epic E-600: Vapor & Sound Reduction

Epic E-600 polyurethane adhesive reduces moisture transmission between concrete and hardwood flooring. It’s designed for bonding concrete to wood flooring, and stays flexible to contract.

Benefits of Epic E-600

  • Low perm poly BD chemistry
  • Moisture vapor transmission retardation
  • Flexibility to accommodate wood expansion

Epic E-600 Specs

Tradesman-Pro: A Solvent-Free Adhesive

Tradesman-Pro is a single component adhesive designed to spread easily. The adhesive has low VOC levels, exceeding the (SCAQMD) requirements. This adhesive is strong, flexible, & elastomeric.

Benefits of Tradesman-Pro

  • Low odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent Green grab


Learn more about flooring adhesive solutions from our Palmyra, WI company. Contact Epic Adhesives today to bulk order adhesives.