4gallon bucket of Epic Resins Epic E-600 Adhesive All in One Formula

Epic E-600 Adhesive

  • All-In-One Adhesive and Moisture retarder with Poly BD Chemistry
  • For Use Over Concrete with up to 90% RH or with MVER of 20 lbs/1000 ft(squared)
  • Easy to Spread, No VOC
Epic Resins Tradesman-Pro Solvent Free Polyurethane Wood FLooring Adhesive


  • Low Odor
  • Easy to Spread
  • For Solid and Engineered Flooring
  • No Flammable or Toxic Solvents

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Epic Flooring Adhesives

Epic Flooring is an industry leader in flooring adhesive production. Wood and bamboo floor polyurethane adhesives are our specialty, and our goal is to support our clients through our flooring products and marketing support. Call or contact Epic Flooring today to gain an advantage in your flooring market.

Hardwood Floor Adhesive Supplier

Epic Flooring's adhesives are designed specifically for use with hardwood flooring. Our products provide the ideal wood floor adhesive for concrete; they're effective, cost-efficient, and reliable for residents and flooring contractors alike. The perfect moisture barrier to protect your floors and your foundation.

Polyurethane Wood Flooring Adhesives

Epic Flooring has created two new wood flooring polyurethane adhesives for suppliers, manufacturers, and contractors: The Tradesman-Pro and Epic E-600. Both adhesives are designed for bonding wood to a variety of sub-floors, including solid plank, bamboo, & engineered. For a clean and professional hardwood floor, these wood flooring adhesives are the best bet.

Epic E-600: Vapor & Sound Reduction

Epic E-600 polyurethane adhesive reduces moisture transmission between concrete and wood flooring. It’s designed for bonding concrete to wood flooring, and stays flexible to contract.

Benefits of Epic E-600

  • Low perm poly BD chemistry
  • Moisture vapor transmission retardation
  • Flexibility to accommodate wood expansion

Epic E-600 Specs

Tradesman-Pro: A Solvent-Free Adhesive

Tradesman-Pro is a single component adhesive designed to spread easily. The adhesive has low VOC levels, exceeding the (SCAQMD) requirements. This adhesive is strong, flexible, & elastomeric.

Benefits of Tradesman-Pro

  • Low odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Excellent Green grab